Thursday, October 4, 2007

Only Kidding Around :)

The other day a friend of mine had sent this Cadbury ad over to me. I was with my family when I opened it and when we saw the gorilla start to play the drums we never laughed so hard, my kids kept saying it looked like me. The next day I put it up on my site, only kidding around hoping you all would get the laugh we did, I also had sent it to Meat Loaf and the band. The following day we ended up watching it at rehearsal wondering if the monkey was real or not, there I go again calling it a monkey, every time I called it a monkey at rehearsal I could see Mark cracking up, he kept saying it's not a monkey it's a gorilla. So to set the record straight, as hard as it is to believe even with the crazy resemblance. The gorilla in this add is not me.
But did you know I was Animal in the muppets, and also wrote the second verse of Happy Birthday, you know the "how old are you now" part. :)


Sherrie said...

Wow, the resemblance IS striking! Just kidding, we all know that you bear a much closer likeness to your buffed out bobblehead than that monkey. :) (And either way, Cadbury chocolates are my very favorite British import! Flake bars rock!)


Ynot said...

It's about time you came clean about this John. In fact, I am the monkey ... I mean gorilla. Due to conflicting schedules, John couldn't make the Cadbury shoot - so due to my resemblance (to John not the gorilla) I was asked to fill in. Unfortunately John continues to receive shipments of Cadbury as payment - while I got a one-time crate of rotten bananas as compensation. Now about John being Animal ...