Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Drums Out Of Hell

Check out this article in Sticks magazine and let me know what it says (it's in German). Last time in Germany I sat with Tom from sticks magazine for almost 3 hours and had a blast. If I could read the article I would tell you what it said.


betty said...

Tom said your a hottie and a smokin drummer :>

Deb said...

I have no idea what it says lol, but you have a new look alike. Dave Bryan from Bon Jovi :-)

Darti said...

Here ya go John......it's a literal translation, and some of it doesn't really make sense.

Blue Öyster Cult, Ritchie Backmore' s Rainbow, Meat Loaf: all name from that rather, heavy “music environment. And exactly there is its at home: John Miceli is a synonym for powerful pocket Groove Drumming and straight this power - the physical meat desire of his wild Heavybeats - marks for meanwhile 16 years the Groove engine of the eccentric skirt event Meat Loaf. If John trommelt and Meat walk, then release elemental powers and the play of the elements begins…

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John Miceli said...

Thanks but after reading that I wonder if I was drunk while they interviewed me. lol

Ynot said...

Although my German is weak, I believe the article reads:
"I know nothing, I see nothing!"
Oh wait, that's my Hogan's Heroes translation.

Anonymous said...

Very good translation! :) Oh BTW, "trommelt" means drums!
Just 13 days to go anymore... !!!!!


Sabrina said...

Great pic by the way!
Really like it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's very cool! ;)

brooklynngrl said...

This is my favorite part of the translation:
"the physical meat desire of his wild Heavybeats"

I'm half German so I read the article and it sez John Miceli is the best drummer on earth.

It also said that you started with the VonTrapp Family Singers.