Sunday, August 23, 2009

Drum Tracks finished for Meats album

Well I can finally take a breath now that I am finished with Meats tracks. This album really is exciting and kicks butt. I really got to play a lot at times. There are a few songs where Meat and Rob (producer) just said go nuts. :) believe me thats just what I wanted to hear.
It was great to see Meat dig his teeth into this album he really was arranging songs around like crazy. I think at one point he turned three songs into one big epic Meat Loaf classic.
I am blown away with the drum sounds Rob and Doug (Engineer) have gotten for this album. I will ask Doug if I can post a video up on his Miking technique. Crook took some great footage.
I would really like to thank Sonor, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Earthworks, and Evans for the support they gave me throughout this album. These companies are amazing, just always there when I need help whether its advice on getting a sound, or a piece of gear that at a last minutes notice needed to get my hands on. You guys rock.
To keep in touch with what is going on in the studio join up on Meats twittwer page there is some really funny stuff on there.


Anji said...

Thank you for the update John, Meat's twitters are cool, but it is equally as great to hear from you and much anticipated.
Can't wait to hear you going nuts on the record lol and a big epic meat loaf classic sounds just fine to me :-p
It seemed to me that Meat had alot of energy for this album and its good to hear your side of it too, it all sounds very exciting and i'm looking forward to hearing the final outcome!

You always rock so i'm sure for your part the drums sound great and it sounds like Doug is a great engineer!!

Rock on and take care!!

Anonymous said...

hey john

Anonymous said...

John! I'm Anthony. Been following Meat Loaf since I was 4. Took a break and joined the circus in 2002. Really got to know what you guys were all about back in '04 when the Australia DVD was released. You're a amazin talent, friend. And I hope to see another DVD of you guys again!!