Friday, May 8, 2009

On The Road Again

Back on the road with Marya Roxx . Playing in the band is Paul Crook, Danny Miranda, myself and of course Marya. We are just hitting it hard every night, a three piece rock band with Marya singing great ever night. Its so fun the German crowds are so welcoming. I will be out here until the 20th of May and then back to the states to work on another project. We started out in Wales at Hammerfest, a weekend long event of just Metal, with Saxon, Sepultura and many others. Then headed over to Germany to be support act for Lafee.

LaFee is one of Germans top acts.Everyone in Lafee has been great to work with. You should check them out they really kick.
Its nice to be reunited with Paul and Danny, we all played together in the Vegas We Will Rock You show together.
I want to thank all the Meat Loaf fans that have come down to the show to support us its always great to see all of you.
I will be running a auction for charity next month, it just has been very hard to do while being on the road.


Anji said...

You guys are awesome!!! You all rock and it was definately worth flying out to see you all!!
Marya is even better live than i thought she would be, all my expectations fulfilled and surpassed, and the album is one great big rockfest from beginning to end!!

See you at another gig soon i hope :-D

Rock on and take care John :-)

frankie said...

hi john,
it was cool to see you again last night,i hope you enjoyed seeing the photos of my pedal and i wanna thank you for supporting marya and kicking ass behind your kit. the shows were really amazing and marya's album is one of the best albums in a long time. hope to see you again somewhere on tour,rockabye,frankie