Thursday, December 4, 2008

Charity Auction III

Happy Holiday Head

We all got together this month and thought it would be nice to auction off a Holiday Head, signed by the whole band. One at a time everyone has stopped by my drum riser to sign the head that is on my Gong Bass Drum. I will post pics of everyone signing the head on my site. All proceeds will go to Compassion International . Thanks again to everyone who bid on the last drum head and shirt. It will support a child for almost a year.


Anji said...

Wow John :-D
It's great to know the money raised from the last auction will help so much, i had no idea that money could stretch so far, thats so cool.

This is a really cool looking drum head,and i dont just hope it raises more than the last one i know it will.

Awesome job with this John, well done for bringing us some awesome items, you rock!!

Monstro said...

Holy charity auctions stickman!!!!!!
What an incredible item, cheers John it's brilliant, especially with all the photo's!!!!!!!

Deb said...

This is really cool! Who ever wins this is very lucky :-)

Thanks for doing this for the charity and for the fans John :-D You're the best!