Sunday, November 2, 2008

Charity Auction II

Happy Halloween!
We just played a show on Halloween night with Meat Loaf. What a blast! Everyone got dressed up for the encore. Meat was Elvis, Patti and CC were Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, Paul was Barney Rubble, Randy was The Joker, Kasim was a Huge Bunny, Dave was Joe the Plumber, Mark was Mark...and I was a Pig (no wise cracks). I will be auctioning off a signed pair of drumsticks and the drum head we used that night for the next Charity Auction to benefit Compassion International.

I want to thank everyone who participated in last month's Charity Auction. Here's an update on the boy we were able to begin a sponsorship for with the proceeds. Jolien is 10 years old and lives in Haiti with his father, mother and 1 sibling. His parents sometimes work as farmers, and Jolien is responsible for carrying water, gathering firewood and caring for animals. In primary school, his performance is above average and he also regularly attends church activities and camp. He loves singing, art and bicycling. I've sent him a letter and am waiting to hear from him. Because of privacy issues, I'm not able to post his photo, but I'll keep you all updated with excerpts from his letters as I receive them. Thanks to your generosity, we can keep this sponsorship going!


Deb said...

OMG Paul looks amazing!!! So does Patti and Kas for that mattter lol... The rest of you do as well, but them three more so :-p Very cool you all made the effort...

Really happy to hear more about Jolien and so glad the auctions are doing so well.

Thanks for keeping us all updated!


Anji said...

John,thanks for updating us about Jolien, its nice to hear about what he is interested in and that he is doing well, it's a shame you can't post a picture though i completely understand the reasons :-)

The halloween show looks like one i should feel very jealous of not being able to attend lol, Kasim looks very funny and Paul looks cool hehe.
Good luck with the auction i hope it is as successful as the last one :-D

Just a thought but shouldnt you have worn a gorilla outfit with huge cadbury fingers for drumsticks?? :-p