Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Winding Down

Well this leg of the tour is winding down. We are out for three more shows then heading home. I want to thank all the Meat fans for such a great run.
When I get home I will be playing with Blue Oyster Cult for a few weeks, so I guess I will have to dust off my cowbell and Godzilla mask. I hope to see some of you at the shows. I will post the shows on my site. I will also be opening up a day teaching in NY in my new studio.

I have received a lot of emails regarding the monstrous sound of the drums this tour ,
I first have to thank George Wehrlin, our front of house engineer, and TC, our Monitor engineer. But also Earthworks.

This tour we have added Earthworks Live Drum Kit miking System .This system consists of two over head microphones and a Kick mic The Earthworks overheads added a clarity to my drum sound that I never had. It really brought my sound of 5 drums 10 cymbals and one cowbell to sound like one musical instrument. My monitor mix went from having 15 inputs for a drum mix, into just my two overhead microphones and a kick microphone, and never sounded better.
I can't wait to get home and try these in my studio.

1 comment:

Anji said...

ok not sure about the tech stuff but it sounded cool on the tour...nice one.

Good luck on tour with BOC, sadly you are in the wrong country for me but i hope you have a blast.

Thank you for being the awesome drummer you are once again with Meat this tour, you sounded aweome yet again.

And thank you too for being so sweet at the meet and greets i was at :)it was a real privilage to meet you