Monday, March 24, 2008

Whats going on

I am still out in Vegas with Marya Roxx. We have been playing every Thursday at a club called the Divebar to tighten up our show before we head out to LA for a few big shows. Last Saturday Crook, Libretti and myself went out to see some very dear friends of ours, Blue Oyster Cult. Holy Crap did they kick ass. After the show we all sat around a few pizzas and laughed our asses off.
I also started practicing my Meat Loaf songs this week. It looks like we will be hitting the road with the Casa De Carne Tour. I will be listing (really Deb will be listing) the dates on my website as they come in.
This past week my line of drum pads have come out, there is a Pro and Student model. We really worked hard on these and have gone through at least 100 designs to get just the right feel and sound. These pads are very dynamic, you can hear every stroke and accent. There is no other pad like this on the market. I will be posting a short demo video on both pads.

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